CCM® or Capital Cycle Management

From before you know you need it to after you don’t

Our agnostic, category creating platform known as CCM® or Capital Cycle Management, is a Healthcare Operating System that provides a seamless solution to Plan, Procure, Manage, and Dispose of capital assets.

Plan – 5X

Improvement in productivity for your Capital Budget Process

Procure – 75%

Faster Decisions made by knowing your Capital Fleet

Manage – 25%

Increase in Product Life using Asset Renewal and Reutilization

Dispose – 2X

Increased Value on Trade-ins or other disposition options



(Every Year)




“It is the most user-friendly tool that our organization has ever signed up for”

-Director at a 6-hospital health system on the East Coast

“Everyone in our demo meeting was blown away by how simple it was to access the data. We’ve never had access to anything like that before.”

-Contracting and Sourcing Manager at a 7-hospital system in the Midwest

Fleet Analytics

Analyze your Capital Equipment by Product Category, Age, Location, Cost, and Standardization across the same Manufacturer and Model within your entire Health System. Leverage HANDLE’s proprietary Algorithm to help you optimize decision-making on replacing your capital.

Dynamic Capital Budget

Streamline your Capital Planning Process and quickly create your Capital Budget by Facility or Service-Line through utilizing HANDLE’s AI for Replacement Recommendations.

Capital Calendar

Execute on your approved Capital Budget with platform provided disposition options that include Trade-Ins, Asset Renewal, Reutilization, Direct Sale, Auction, and Active Stockpile.

See More on Active Stockpiling

B2B Marketplace

HANDLE’s own Healthcare Capital Equipment Platform that allows Health Systems to View, Buy, and Sell equipment to the Secondary Market.

See More on B2B Marketplace

Learn More about Online Auctions

A Single, Data-Driven Solution

How Do I Handle a…?

  • Vendor who knows more than I do?
  • Department who will not listen to my perspective?
  • Shortage of Capital Dollars?
  • Need for growth in a capital efficient way?
  • Challenging decision about what to replace and when?
  • Limited amount of info about what trade-in values are fair?
  • Lack of trust in the Refurbished/Renewal Market?
  • Chaotic Capital Process with too many requests?

CCM® will help you HANDLE™ all of that… and more!


what you have


when & how to purchase or sell


on cost saving & end-of-life options

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