Distribution and Active Stockpiling

The Alternative Supplier for Healthcare – Take Control of Your Supply Chain

– 23,000,000 Products Delivered in 2020
– 7,000+ Shipments
– Hospitals, Primary Care, & Long-Term Care Providers

HANDLE’s Procurement, Storage, and Logistical capabilities fulfill your needs first while receiving high quality product on time and with the best price.


Visualize your spend and compare against your peers

Factory Direct Products

Direct Relationships with Int’l AND US Factories


Multiple Distribution Centers, with primary hub in Louisville, KY, home to UPS Worldport – move items worldwide in 1 day


With access to HANDLE’s database and analytic tools you can compare your purchasing against benchmarks in the industry including quantities, pricing, and order frequency.

Factory Direct Products

Design your own Product Mix & Distribution contracts based on your preferences. Our Direct Relationships with both US and Asia Factories provides endless high quality products to fit your budgets and timelines.


The Logistics Team utilizes our own reliable infrastructure to get your facility what it needs quickly and safely. The HANDLE Operations Center includes warehousing space that is secured and temperature controlled with packing stations and multiple dock doors. Strategically placed a few miles from the International UPS Hub that can get a package anywhere in the world in a single day. Take advantage of HANDLE Storage and White Glove Delivery options.

Active Stockpiling

Be ready for anything with YOUR items, managed by HANDLE.  Items can include your own surplus inventory, renewed/refurbished equipment (maintained by us), PPE, and other options.

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This innovative concept [Active Stockpiling] provides peace of mind and stability to our primary care providers who are on the frontlines of this COVID-19 pandemic. The PPE warehouse provides the tools our providers need to safely treat their patients.

Molly Lewis

Kentucky Primary Care Association – Chief Operating Officer

PPE Products

Level 3 Surgical Masks
Kn95 Masks
COVID-19 Testing – Now Available

USA Made Products

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Avoid obstructions like tariffs, delays, and damaged products by using high quality products made in the United States.

Read More about the importance of Domestic PPE Manufacturing: WSJ

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