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Logistical & Healthcare expertise provide the highest quality services that save you time & money

From Capital Planning & Strategic Sourcing Advisory to full surgery center buildouts, HANDLE helps you plan, prepare, and execute your needs.

Capital Planning

Understand your Fleet to make data-driven decisions

Active Stockpiling

Protect your healthcare facility from unexpected emergencies

ASC Buildouts

100+ years of combined Experience in Capital Medical Equipment

Online Auction

The most convenient way to buy or sell equipment

Capital Planning and Strategic Sourcing Advisory

Evaluate potential Capital Investments and outflows of equipment at the end of their useful life. Utilize our comprehensive knowledge on industry benchmarks, manufacturer data, and 3rd party information.

Learn How You Could Save up to 30% on Procurement

Active Stockpiling

The uncertain timing and severity of a global health emergency puts pressure on the healthcare supply chain.  Price volatility and limited access to quality PPE can leave your facility’s health and finances vulnerable. HANDLE’s Strategic Stockpile Program protects your healthcare facility.

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Surgery Center Buildouts

Expertly Plan, Procure, and Implement your newest project through our HANDLE Capital Team. With over 100 years of combined experience in Capital Medical Equipment, we make sure you have everything you need from start to finish including White Glove Delivery.

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Online Auction

HANDLE auctions are live 24 hours a day to allow sellers to receive the most value out of their supplies and buyers the convenience of bidding from anywhere and anytime.

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Public Sector

Bridging the private and public sectors together to rebalance and create value for capital medical equipment. HANDLE has the infrastructure and capabilities to create solutions in the largest of scales.


Identify, recertify, and rebalance surplus critical care items


Infrastructure and supply chain expertise protects from any uncertainty

Recoup Value

Regain asset value at their end of life


Meet the demands of constituents by innovating faster and transforming capital asset management. Use excess inventory to rebalance fleets and recoup asset value

See how HANDLE helps the Veterans Health Administration

State & Local

Proven infrastructure, transparency and exceptional service provides more efficient responses in times of crisis. Be prepared for the unpredictable.

Learn more about how HANDLE prepared the Kentucky Primary Care Association

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