HANDLE’s™ CCM® platform awarded “Best Data Visualization Solution” – 2021 MedTech Breakthrough

LOUISVILLE, KY. – May 6, 2021HANDLE Global, a healthcare supply chain technology and fulfillment company, today announces that its CCM® or Capital Cycle Management platform has been selected as the winner of the “Best Data Visualization Solution” award in the fifth annual MedTech Breakthrough Awards. The program is conducted by MedTech Breakthrough, an independent market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies and products in the global health and medical technology market.

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HANDLE™ Global and Domestic PPE Manufacturing

HANDLE Global has worked diligently throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic to establish secure supply lines for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). With vaccinations making significant progress (2 million+ per day in the US), it is time to take preventative measures for the future, which includes bringing the manufacturing of goods back to the United States. The movement towards domestic manufacturing will create jobs and be a step in the right direction in allowing Americans to control their own supply chain.

HANDLE is happy to announce a fellow Louisville-based company, Universal Medical Supply (UMS), is working to solve the critical problem in the nation’s PPE supply chain by producing surgical masks and N95’s right here in Louisville, KY. The initiative for domestic PPE manufacturing will help increase our country’s preparedness for any future health crises, and HANDLE supports companies like UMS who are an important part of this movement.

90% of the personal protective equipment that our healthcare workers use to keep us safe is made in China. It is fantastic to see a fellow Louisville company doing their part to help the country recover and create jobs while doing it. We are proud to announce our continued support for companies like UMS.

Zach Haynes, Business Development Manager – HANDLE Global
Universal Medical Supply – 3-ply Surgical Mask

Universal Medical Supply is currently producing a 3-ply Protective Mask that tests at an ASTM Level 3. The manufacturer is also starting production of an N95 mask, which is pending FDA approval. Both HANDLE and Universal Medical Supply are strategically located in Louisville, KY within miles of the UPS Worldport hub to help provide the most streamlined distribution possible.

HANDLE™ Global Expansion – Adding 80 Jobs and $7.8M Local Investment

HANDLE, in agreement with the Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority, has preliminarily approved a 10-year incentive package underneath the Kentucky Business Investment program. The performance-based agreement can provide up to $1.4 million in tax incentives based on the company’s proposed investment of $7.8 million and annual targets.

“HANDLE is proud to be a part of such a strong healthcare state,” said Kyle Green, CEO at HANDLE. “We look forward to continuing our success alongside other great Kentucky companies over the next decade and beyond. HANDLE will be looking to forge a stronger healthcare supply chain in our state and our country by bringing order to chaos.”

– Kyle Green, HANDLE Global CEO

There are more than 200 healthcare-related technology, service and manufacturing facilities operating in the state. HANDLE is part of this distinct group which employs over 37,000 Kentuckians full-time. Headquarters operations, pharmaceutical makers, medical equipment design and production, medical device manufacturers and healthcare product distributors are all included within the industry.

11.02.2020 – Governor Beshear’s 4PM Press Conference – HANDLE Global

“I’ve said many times in the fight against COVID-19, we are in this together, and few companies embody that spirit of togetherness like HANDLE Global,” Gov. Andy Beshear said. “This Kentucky-based company is doing its part to combat the virus by working closely with healthcare providers and other organizations to meet drastically rising demand for supply chain analytics. In addition, its new expansion will provide new jobs, high wages and help HANDLE Global continue to lead by example during a challenging time.”

– KY Governor Andy Beshear on HANDLE Global via KEDFA Press Release


By meeting annual targets over the agreement term, HANDLE can be eligible to keep a portion of the new tax revenue it generates and may claim eligible incentives against tax liability and/or wage assessments. HANDLE also receives resources from the Kentucky Skills Network in which companies can receive no-cost recruitment and job placement services, reduced-cost customized training and job training incentives.

See HANDLE’s new Operations Center and stay tuned for new growth and job opportunities!

A detailed community profile for Jefferson County can be viewed here.

Information on Kentucky’s economic development efforts and programs is available at Fans of the Cabinet for Economic Development can also join the discussion at, on Twitter @CEDkygov and LinkedIn.

Read about other key updates, actions and information from Gov. Beshear and his administration at and the Governor’s official social media accounts FacebookTwitter and YouTube.

HANDLE™ Aids KY Health Care Workers via KPCA Stockpile

The Kentucky Primary Care Association (KPCA) is working with HANDLE Global to help its provider members store and access critical Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). HANDLE uses its procurement capabilities to obtain several categories of PPE and the HANDLE Operations Center provides a secure location to house an adequate supply of PPE for KPCA members. Financial commitments from the KPCA and donations from other institutions allows KPCA members to access the PPE stockpile, free of charge!

This innovative concept provides peace of mind and stability to our primary care providers who are on the frontlines of this COVID-19 pandemic. The PPE warehouse provides the tools our providers need to safely treat their patients.

Molly Lewis – Chief Operating Officer at the Kentucky Primary Care Association
KPCA PPE Stockpile Powered by HANDLE

PPE Products and Allotments

[Health care workers] are frazzled, tired, and extended in every dimension at home and at work. To be able to do something to help them make sure they have the protection they need and make sure they are as safe as possible is a big deal. We are there for them in their time of biggest need.

Kyle Green – Chief Executive Officer at HANDLE Global

Ordering Process

Once the PPE is procured and stored at HANDLE’s facility, members are allotted an equal dollar amount to spend on any category of PPE. KPCA members submit requests for HANDLE to pick, pack and ship their custom PPE order directly to the member facility, free of charge. HANDLE helps members stay up to date on their allocated balance and any changes in products or pricing. HANDLE has provided essential PPE to nearly half of all KPCA member facilities in the first month of the stockpile operation.

Companies and organizations with medical logistics needs in the fight against COVID-19 can contact Brandon Carlson at

About KPCA

The Kentucky Primary Care Association was founded in 1976 as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation of community health centers, rural health clinics, primary care centers, and all other organizations and individuals concerned about access to health care services for the state’s under-served rural and urban populations.

KPCA is charged with promoting the mutual interests of our members, with a mission to promote access to comprehensive, community-oriented primary health care services for the underserved.

Association members are providers of primary care – first contact, broadly trained physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, behavioral health providers, dental providers, pharmacists, and other professionals delivering whole-person health care.

We support the development of primary care services throughout the Commonwealth by working with federal, state, and local legislators, regulatory agencies, health policy organizations, foundations, and payers to build a stronger primary care system in Kentucky.

KPCA was established to:

  • Develop a unified coalition of primary care providers.
  • Stimulate and support development of primary health care services.
  • Serve the needs of our members.

HANDLE™ Global Unveils 30,000+ Square Foot Operations Center

As pressure remains heavy on the healthcare supply chain and those who rely on it, HANDLE continues to provide comprehensive solutions by introducing the 30,000+ sq. ft. HANDLE Operations Center!  Key warehouse attributes and space allows HANDLE to offer unique capabilities to its customers with PPE and capital procurement and its storage.  

Operations Center Details

The total square footage of the HANDLE Operations Center spans to 31,600 sq. ft.  This space includes 27,600 sq. ft. of warehouse space, packaging rooms, and multiple shipping dock areas. An additional 3,200 sq. ft. of office space is on 2 floors with 12 outfitted office spaces and 2 conference rooms.  The warehouse is fully temperature controlled and secured. 

Primary Warehouse Space – 15,600 square feet


In addition to the warehouse acting as HANDLE’s Operations Center, the Veterans Health Administration will utilize this space through the Deployment of Equipment Recertification, and Management of Surge Capacity (DERMS) contract with HANDLE.  The addition of the space will enhance the company’s ability to assist the VA in identifying, recertifying, and rebalancing critical care items within the VHA surplus fleet and distribute them to hot spots to support increased demand for patient care.  Equipment included in the program covers ventilators, infusion pumps, hospital beds and stretchers, monitors, and more.  The disposition of the surplus assets from each facility provides many benefits. 

Asset Disposition Benefits:

•Free up valuable space in your onsite storage facilities

•Reduce the burden on your staff to remove excess equipment

•Maximize your return on the sale of excess or decommissioned assets

•Add life to aging or retired assets for redeployment, maximizing your current capital

This space will also be used to provide HANDLE customers with space for PPE and equipment stockpiles.  The warehouse compliments HANDLE’s PPE business segment that fully tests and vets products before listing them for sale.  As HANDLE uses its global network of suppliers to provide guidance in PPE procurement, the warehouse space provides unique partnership opportunities for instant access to quality PPE products and protection against price volatility through the Strategic Stockpile program. 

What Is Next:

As HANDLE continues to grow, the business will finalize additional warehousing space in the Jefferson County area. Increased space will help improve existing processes for current HANDLE customers while providing opportunities for new customer growth. More information to come as plans are finalized!

Current PPE Customers:

Northwestern Medicine, Kentucky Primary Care Association (Strategic Stockpile), Baptist Health, Sutter Health, Beaumont Health, and more!  

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HANDLE™ Signs National Contract with Veterans Health Administration

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, HANDLE’s ability to provide trustworthy analytics, logistics and equipment support services has never been stronger.  On April 3rd, HANDLE was awarded the Deployment of Equipment Recertification, and Management of Surge Capacity (DERMS) contract by The Department of Veteran Affairs to provide support in identifying, recertifying and rebalancing critical care items within the VHA surplus equipment fleet.

DERMS Contract

In lieu of purchasing new equipment with long lead times to fill surges, the Veterans Health Administration is taking advantage of their current excess inventory so their healthcare providers have access to more critical pieces of equipment.  HANDLE has implemented a trusted recertification process that includes restoring the VHA’s equipment to OEM specifications.  This is provided through HANDLE’s vetted network of refurbishers and OEM’s while also effectively documenting the process and providing Full Warranties. The HANDLE Operations Center allows the company to effectively and efficiently receive, recertify, store, and redeploy VA assets.  Through the DERMS contract, HANDLE has recertified hundreds of critical medical devices and helped the Veterans Health Administration prepare a strategy to deploy the recertified equipment wherever and whenever it is most critically needed.

Asset Recertification Program
  • Add life to aging or retired assets for redeployment
  • Free up valuable space in storage facilities
  • Maximize your return on the sale of excess or decommissioned assets

How HANDLE Can Help You:

These unique services powered by HANDLE are creating value in both the public and private sector across the country. HANDLE’s availability to provide new medical devices as well as the highest quality recertified pre-owned equipment gives your healthcare facility opportunities to maximize patient safety and clinical outcomes.

Why do we source for Value and what is it?

The HANDLE selection series will delve into why and how HANDLE approaches capital equipment and supply purchasing with value as the first priority, as well as information regarding HANDLE partners and how we can help providers choose what works best for their facility and budget.

In our previous blog post, The Rural Hospital Dilemma, we covered the immense and immediate pressure that rural hospitals face in cutting costs. Rural hospitals are not alone in this pressure, as most community and regional healthcare providers of all sizes are feeling the same pressure on their finances, especially in the current climate of more and more healthcare mergers, resulting in layers of competitive and reimbursement pressure.

Value is a very simple equation.  Quality + Price = Value. However, both quality and price have deeper meanings for the sophisticated buyer.  Quality is more than cosmetic condition and a brand name. Quality includes the product and the buying experience, such as:

CT De-Install for HANDLE customer
  • Ease of search
  • Access to items that can’t be found elsewhere
  • Availability of accessories and related products
  • Warranties
  • Ordering
  • Payment
  • Delivery
  • Ongoing service

Price can also have more depth than the listed price, things like:

  • Trade-in value
  • Install or De-intall
  • Accessories
  • Service agreements beyond initial warranty
  • Repairs
  • Finance Costs
  • Shipping

HANDLE was started with the mission to create value by uniquely protecting sellers and helping buyers discover opportunities that they couldn’t previously see – bending the healthcare cost curve in the process in the $180B United States medical device industry. HANDLE works with providers (hospitals, surgery centers, clinics, etc.), manufacturers, and others to create the trusted value marketplace in healthcare. Patients get needed healthcare products, sellers recoup value, buyers get a significant discount, and items stay out of the waste stream.

HANDLE sources for value to enable our healthcare providers to stretch their capital spend further while maintaining the same or higher levels of care. We search the globe for value – high quality equipment and supplies at fair and sustainable prices.

Next on the HANDLE Selection Series: What does it take to make the cut? How does HANDLE select the refurbishers and manufacturers that sell on our platform?

The Rural Hospital Dilemma

According to the University of North Carolina’s Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research, more than 70 rural hospitals have closed since 2010. An NRHA-sponsored study shows more than 650 rural hospitals are ‘vulnerable or at risk for closure’, which represents over 10% of hospitals in the entire country.

Independent hospitals face immense pressure to cut costs at every turn, especially in an environment where more and more health systems are merging, creating tough competition.

With nearly 20% of all Americans living in rural settings, many people are at risk of losing not only their healthcare providers, but major employers in small communities that create a sense of togetherness and pride.  

Rural and community hospitals must be phenomenal stewards of their resources to keep their doors open and maintain the community-centric culture they want to protect.

HANDLE exists not only for the large healthcare systems, but for small, regional healthcare providers as well. By utilizing HANDLE’s service and market intelligence, independent hospitals are finding ways to cut costs while maintaining a high level of patient care.

Here’s an example of the success a small hospital has experienced through partnering with HANDLE for capital procurement:

A rural hospital found itself with three major capital projects within one fiscal year. Looking to see if they could save money and time, the hospital reached out to HANDLE. They were already familiar with the company as they had recently procured supplies at lower rates and were excited to learn that they could also receive major savings for their upcoming projects.  


The hospital needed to procure two new sterilizers for their facility and had already obtained a trade-in offer from the OEM. This hospital was familiar with the success HANDLE has had in beating trade-ins, but was excited to also test HANDLE’s ability to complete a large scale, complex clinical project. HANDLE was able to quote the entire project, including deinstallation of old machines, installation of the new machines, and a service agreement for almost $200,000 less than the original quoted price.


The hospital needed to quickly replace 10 older Hill-Rom recovery beds as repairs were no longer sufficient. Reaching out to HANDLE, they were provided a quote for 10 high-quality refurbished beds for 50% less than the original OEM quote.  

This was a total savings of close to $100,000. Along with saving costs on the beds, HANDLE was also able to coordinate the logistics from removing the old fleet to the shipping and handling of the refurbished beds.


The sterile processing department needed to be completely renovated – something that had not been addressed in 15 years. Since the hospital is small, the entire job needed to be custom built to fit their challenging and unique space. The hospital got a quote on a sink buildout for the space from a large manufacturer, but felt they could get a better deal with HANDLE because of the success they previously had. HANDLE was able to procure high quality, custom built sinks at 50% less than the manufacturer quote. The sinks had the same standards and came with a lifetime warranty.

HANDLE is now the first source to buy and sell capital for this hospital and many others.  They now have one source for procurement, trade-ins, asset disposition, and one call for any warranty issues.  

Many of the employees at HANDLE are from very small towns.  We remember the hospital sponsoring our tee-ball teams and having friends and family work there.  We want to see rural and community hospitals survive and thrive.  Email us today at about your next capital project.

Endeavor and HANDLE™ : The Impact of Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship is the concept of building businesses that develop solutions to social, cultural, and/or environmental issues. In other words, to use the power of entrepreneurship to create and grow a company that aims to make a true difference in the world.

Enter, Endeavor!

Endeavor is a worldwide organization that selects, mentors and accelerates high-impact entrepreneurs to catalyze long-term economic growth. Endeavor is leading the high-impact entrepreneurship movement around the world. Endeavor works with high-impact entrepreneurs working to scale their businesses and create significant wealth and job opportunities in nearly every industry around the world. In fact, Endeavor currently supports over 1,500 entrepreneurs in 30 markets around the world.  Endeavor only selects 2% of entrepreneurs it identifies as potential candidates.

HANDLE was chosen as an Endeavor entrepreneur in 2017 because it addresses the massive issue of waste in the medical supplies and equipment sector and is willing to give back to the Louisville community in the form of time, mentorship and other resources.  There could not be better alignment between HANDLE and Endeavor from a culture and mission perspective.

Kyle Green, CEO, HANDLE, attending the International Selection Panel in London

It is estimated that $16 billion worth of supplies and equipment are wasted or underutilized every year. HANDLE provides its users with an asset recovery and alternative sourcing platform to buy and sell high-quality excess medical inventory, supplies and equipment at competitive rates via the desktop and mobile applications.

As being selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur, HANDLE now has access to customized services and a global network of business mentors to help further the mission to not only save our clients time and money, but to make healthcare more affordable and sustainable for all.

The ASCA Asset Network, powered by HANDLE™

HANDLE has partnered with the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (ASCA) to provide a secure online portal where all ASCA members can buy and sell health care supplies and equipment (included in their ASCA membership dues) called the ASCA Asset Network, powered by HANDLE.  

Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) face a unique set of challenges during procurement of both supplies and equipment. Many ASC buyers have additional administrative or clinical roles in a surgery center, limiting the amount of time that can be dedicated to identifying the highest value options.  Complexity such as identifying acceptable manufacturers, exploring funding options, coordinating logistics, and batching items from multiple sources makes efficient purchasing a challenge.

The ASCA Asset Network provides a robust network for ASCs to save money by buying carefully selected, high value (high quality and low cost) new items, refurbished or remanufactured items sourced from the best refurbishers in the country, and moving some items directly between providers.  The ASCA Asset Network gives ASCs access to items that can only be found on our platform and provides them a tech-enabled service that uniquely protects both sellers and buyers, while providing reporting they can share with their leadership/ownership.

Check out the success that a surgery center has had by utilizing HANDLE below!

An independently owned surgery center was in the planning stages for a four-operating room facility. Needing help in obtaining all equipment and supplies for the upcoming buildout at a fair price, they turned to the ASCA Asset Network.

The ASCA Asset Network provided the surgery center a quote that included 30 list items, with a total of 184 items being purchased. Via the ASCA Asset Network platform of over 200,000 items, the ASCA Asset Network was able to save the ASC $143,206 on their buildout – a savings of over 26%!

A few notable items from the buildout include:

  • 4 brand new anesthesia carts at a total savings of 38%
  • 4 new stainless steel central supply tables for 28% below retail price
  • 4 refurbished GE Datex Ohmeda Aespire Anesthesia Machines with 7100 Ventilators – a 34% savings
  • 1 refurbished GE OEC 9800 C-Arm for $10,000 less than typical retail price
  • 25 brand new recovery room monitors at a total savings of 25%
  • 4 refurbished STERIS 3085 Operating Room Tables for more than $20,000 below retail
  • 25 new stretchers for more than $30,000 below retail